I was lucky enough to participate in the exhibition "Nine ways of sitting" that took place in November 2020. Chairs, stools, rockers and other pieces that seek solutions to one of the basic functions of the human being: sitting. But, as you can read in the beautiful publication that we have made, "this is an exhibition about sitting, although more than sitting, it is an exhibition to activate yourself." The idea was to make an exhibition with the aim of publicizing the work of new designers, mainly from the area, and to show that the Basque Country is not only a great force in the production of furniture, but it can also be so in the creative side promoting the talent and work of local designers.

The idea behind the “Tubo” system was to be able to create a series of pieces based on a simple constructive gesture; in this case: the tube through oblique legs. I´ve made a stool and a small bench but we could make the bench longer, a table and even a book case following the same idea.

Un saludo para mi amigo Fran de FFraca (design office)!