Sancho and Angela form Montaña Clara, a creative agency dedicated to the production and communication of projects that are often related to culture: gastronomy, viticulture, music, art, surf ... always approached in a unique and personal way. Since their way of life and their work are closely related and, in addition, they are dedicated to communication, I wanted to make them participants in the process of designing their graphic identity. So, I asked them to collect a lot of objects from their trips, experiences, hobbies ... personal objects that somehow defined them. I made a photograph of all these objects that has served as a "corporate pattern” for the design of all the needs we had: cards, folders, postcards, website, presentations... These photographs, complemented with their own typographies and colors define the graphic system of Montaña Clara. In addition, we have given special importance to the finishing of the stationery, enhancing the use of recycled papers and craft processes..

Printed by Gráficas Lorea
Crafted & stamped by Mubien