As the Korean philosopher Byung-Chung Han points out, “The accumulation of information doesn’t lead to wisdom and truth. The more information we get, the world becomes much more chaotic”. Excess of information and the unlimited messages surrounding us, become as paralyzing as impossible to take in. The current inability to process and synthesise this knowledge, leaves no space for writing the kind of manifestos that were created one century ago in the sphere of the art world, such as the Dada Manifesto, the Surrealist Manifesto or Lucio Fontana’s White Manifesto.

There are also plenty of messages in the fashion sphere, in which garments are full of statements and words that end up having no content. Sentences loose their meaning even if we keep having the need of communicating thoughts. From these dilemmas and contradictions emerged the graphic concept I proposed for this SS20 Loreak Mendian capsule collection.

Stylists: Antonio Macarro & Pedro Canicoba
Pics : Cecilia Álvarez