I have always been attracted to those large corrugated plastic pipes that you can see on construction sites. Typically, workers cut them, fill them with concrete and use as a base to place temporary traffic signs. 

The shape and size of these pieces is beautiful and it occurred to me to design a stool system with that shape. In a residency in Boisbuchet I spent a week building a plaster mold starting from the pipe itself. It was a nice process but the result was not what we expected. The density of the concrete mix was not adequate and the shape of the pipe was not well replicated.

On my return to San Sebastian I decided to make these pieces in clay, which was my original idea. I went to the ceramist Idoia Grijalbo and we decided to make the pieces in turned clay. I made some rulers with the corrugated profiles that helped Idoia to make the pieces in a uniform and proportionate way.

Finally we made three pieces for the exhibition "Bloom", organized by the Moduz collective, which took place in the Cristina Enea Park last October 2021.