Kokékokó is an espadrille store run by our friends Blanca and Jon in San Sebastián, my hometown. In the spring of 2019 I was asked to create some kind of “installation” on one of the walls of the store. Like Bruno Munari (quoted at the beginning of the publication), I have always been interested in the subject of the human face and the infinite possibilities that exist to represent it. Therefore, I decided to decorate the store with some faces and dive into the subject. We asked the craftsmen who produce the espadrilles for discs made in the same way and with the same material (jute) used for the soles.

I took some photos of both the process and the resulting characters (although some were sold or given away and I was unable to photograph them) and a few months later I thought of releasing this material as a souvenir and record of the work.

Print run of 50 copies.
A4 Book (210x297 mm), 68 pages. Offset printig.