As it happened with the hanging mobile in the 2019 edition of Dock of the Bay festival, this year the starting point was the idea of movement as a way of representing music in a visual and poetic way. I have always wanted to talk about the relationship between music and image through the festival’s graphic identity. Couldn’t the image of a kite in movement be a possible representation of different melodies? Kites are beautiful and evocative. Everyone knows what a kite is but its movement and the trajectories it takes are often unpredictable. The wind that makes the kite move could be the score and its movement could be the music itself.

Following with this idea, what music do you imagine when you see a kite flying? If you manage to keep it still for a few seconds I can imagine the ambient compositions of Brian Eno; if on the other hand the kite escapes your control and follows the currents of a strong and unstable wind I imagine a drum solo by Max Roach. The music we imagine will change if it is a blue and sunny day or, on the contrary, if it is a cloudy day with dark clouds on the horizon. The kite only exists in the sky; the music exists if there is someone to listen to it.


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